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calm lisa

a page dedicated to helping you return to your innate genius

About this page:


I have spent many years focussing on connection, both in singing and life at large. Like so many of us, I am very aware that we are saturated in news and media, and know that staring at screens and dealing with endlessly re-developing software can be perilous for our mind and general sense of wellbeing. 


With this in mind, I have created some maps, designed to lead you back to your inner genius, to return you to the calm that resides in all of us, untouched and unassailable. 

These meditations are tools to help you 'walk away'. They last between 7 and 15 minutes. If you do one every day for 7 days, or as often as you can, I am sure you will start to notice a difference.

All health and happiness to you.

PS please do not do this, or any another 'zoning out', while driving or operating heavy machinery. That wouldn't be so good.. or safe.. don't do it! Just sit. 

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'Media Minimiser'

A guided meditation for

7 minutes of bliss:

This meditation is designed to help switch off 'media saturation', for a while at least! This only lasts around 7 minutes.. but if you do it every day for 7 days, or as often as you can, I am sure you will start to notice a difference... An ease. A letting go.

'Walking away from tension'

A guided meditation to bring you to 

a point of calm and focus

8 minutes of mmm

A guided visualisation designed to

help connect you with the breath

11 minutes of clarity 

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